Turbocharger Basic Knowledge

Turbocharger Basic Knowledge Quiz

There are some turbocharger basic knoledge below, maybe you can have a answer for a relax.

Q1. A turbocharger has the ability to easily increase the horsepower of an engine by _____ percent or more.

A. Fifty  B. Five  C. Ten  D. Twenty

Q2. Normal _____ means the engine uses atmospheric pressure to cause air to flow into the combustion chambers.

A. ignition B. distribution C. aspiration D. vacuum

Q3. The power to spin the _____ comes from the engine exhaust gases.

A. flywheel B. turbocharger C. crankshaft D. converter

Q4. _____ is routed into one side of the turbo to spin a turbine, then a fan or impeller on the other side of the turbo blows air into the engine under pressure.

A. Fuel B. Oil C. Exhaust D. Coolant

Q5. Two large _____ surround the turbocharger compressor and turbine wheels.

A. washers B. housings C. pins D. screws

Q6. Which of the following limits maximum turbocharger boost pressure?

A. The EGR valve B. The throttle sensor C. The LED valve D. The waste gate valve

Q7. _____ secure the turbine and compressor wheels to the turbo shaft

A. Nuts B. Rods C. Washers D. Seals

Q8. The _____ wheel is mounted on the intake manifold side of the turbocharger.

A. center B. exhaust C, turbine D. compressor

Q9. The turbocharger ______ wheel is rotated by engine exhaust gas flow.

A. center B. turbine C. converter D. compressor

Q10. The turbo shaft passes through the center of the _____ housings and connects the turbine and compressor wheels.

A. manifold B. engine C. converter D. turbocharger

Q11. The exhaust manifold ports direct all of the engine’s burned gases into the _____ housing.

A. converter B. vacuum C. turbine D. LED

Q12. After oil is forced into the turbo bearings, it then drains into the bottom of the housing and into a tube going to the _____ oil pan.

A. engine B. transmission C. converter D. compressor

Q13. By regulating _____ pressure, the waste gate protects the engine from damage.

A. fuel B. boost C. oil D. coolant

Q14. If you fail to lubricate parts during turbocharger reassembly, _____ damage may occur when first starting the engine.

A. transmission B. converter C. turbo D. injector

Q15. During turbocharger reassembly, never try to force the _____ housing down or you can damage the sealing rings, thrust washers or bearings.

A. center B. manifold C. converter D. pump

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