Turbocharger Core Assembly

Purchasing a new turbocharger can be very expensive when replacing a damaged or malfunctioning turbocharger core. Then to buy a turbo core kit may be the best decision a car owner makes. As a turbo core manufacturer in China, PHESSIO TURBO never cut corners, only export and do quality turbocharger core assembly to the best of our abilities.

turbocharger core assembly

What’s a turbo core

Turbocharger core is a rotor (turbine wheel one side, compressor wheel on the other) which is held in a bearing system allowing it to rotate at high speed on a pressurised oil film similar to the engine.

Turbocharger core assembly

At the heart of any turbo lies the turbocharger core assembly, PHESSIO TURBO’s turbo core parts assembled into the bearing housing(turbocharger chra core cartridge) is only carried out by fully trained operators whose knowledge in this field is unprecedented.

Turbocharger core assembly include:

  • A bearing;

  • A shaft and turbine wheel assembly, which supported by the bearing;

  • A seal ring disposed about the shaft;

  • A sleeve supports the bearing, includes a compressor end and a turbine end;

  • A first counter bore, which forms an axial face that axially locates the bearing in the bore;

  • A second counter bore disposed axially between the first counter bore and the turbine end wherein the second counter bore comprises a seal surface that forms a lubricant and exhaust seal with the seal ring disposed about the shaft;

  • A securing feature to secure the sleeve with respect to a turbocharger housing.


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It must do
turbocharger core blancing
after finishing turbocharger core assembly