To be your trusted turbo factory

Strong knowledge in producting aftermarket turbochargers and providing customization services.

Development Brief

PHESSIO started to engage in aftermarket turbochargers business as a distributor back in the late 1990s, After 5 years of sales development, on account of sincerity and high credibility, we got a good reputation in northeast of China.

In the year of 2003, We continue to expand our operations and product offerings, In order to get better quality control, cost control, and provide better after-sales service, PHESSIO has our own factory built in Fengcheng city. Since then “BUILT TO LAST” confirmed as our slogan and inspired us to become one long-lasting enterprise.

With our unremitting efforts plus considerable investment in specialist machinery, PHESSIO has become a very named corporation in R&D, marketing, production and sales service at home and abroad.

High accuracy of PHESSIO turbocharger derived from each element.

Components Materials Procurement

Components Materials Procurement

PHESSIO can source high accurate turbo components materials through our extensive network of suppliers for turbo factory, All the turbocharger components materials factories we partner with are ISO certified, each component materials are 100% minutely inspected as a matter of course before entering warehouse, Our QC staff is dedicated to make each one meet or exceed industry standards.

Center Housing CHRA Assembly

The turbocharger CHRA is a complex piece of machinery which has been designed to operate at temperatures up to 800°C whilst reaching rotational speeds in excess of 230,000rpm. At the heart of any turbocharger lies the center housing rotating assembly, the rotating components assembled into the bearing housing is only carried out by hand using fully trained operators whose knowledge in this field is unprecedented.

Turbo Factory

VSR Balancing Test

The complete assembly CHRA is placed into VSR balancing machine, which automatically drives the turbine wheel, using compressed air, up to speeds reaching 250,000 RPM (depending on the turbo’s size). While spinning, the machine measures the tiny amount of imbalance created by the rotating mass and calculates the procedure for correcting this imbalance. The skilled machine operator will then make adjustments to the rotating assembly until the vibration results are below the prescribed limits. Only the VSR machine measures imbalance to the speeds necessary to be an effective test.

Wastegate and Actuator Assembly

Once the turbocharger rotating assembly has passed this stage, it goes on to be fully assembled into its compressor and turbine housings. Our trained operators ensure accurate alignment is maintained time after time. The next operation involves fitting the wastegate and actuator assembly. These two components control the boost pressure the turbo will produce. So we choose the highest standard suited materials.

Wastegate and Actuator Assembly