Turbocharger Components

PHESSIO Turbocharger Components

All the turbocharger components materials factories we partner with are ISO certified, each component materials are 100% minutely inspected before shipment as a matter of course before entering warehouse, Our QC staff is dedicated to make each one meet or exceed industry standards. PHESSIO can produce high accurate turbocharger components thanks to our specialist production facilities and highly experienced and resourceful engineering team.


Compressor Housing

Collects compressed air and directs it to the engine

Compressor Wheel

Pumps air into the engine

Center Housing

Supports the rotating group


Support and control the rolling group

CHRA/Core Assemblies

The most critical parts of any turbocharger assembly

Turbine Housing

Collects exhaust gases from the engine and direct it to the turbine wheel

Turbine Wheel

Converts exhaust energy into shaft

Turbine Shaft

Power to drive the compressor