What 3 Things Should Do Before CNY For Importers

What 3 Things Should Do Before CNY For Importers

Chinese New Year( CNY), known as the Spring Festival, equivalent to the Christmas in the West, is the biggest and most important holiday in China.

The date of the festival is dictated by the Chinese lunisolar calendar, and may not be at the same day each year. In 2017, the CNY is on Jan. 28, most factories and companies will close doors a week before and after the day( total around 15 days), some may take a litter longer.

During this holiday, factories and companies in China will close their doors and workers pile onto buses and trains to heading home, this may cause the largest annual human migration on Earth.

If you import turbochargers from China or any other item, surely yes the CNY will affect your business. But how to reduce the negative influence? These 3 things may be of great help for you:

1. Place orders in advance

Be sure to stock up your product inventory, and order early before the CNY. Make sure you can meet your (or your customers’ ) demand during the disruption period. Based on careful estimates, place orders well in advance to allow for production and transportation becomes really import in this big holiday.

2. Contact your supplier to confirm order production schedule

Manufacturing facilities in China will close at different times (usually one or two week before the CNY), and will stop arranging new orders’ production. Contact your supplier and make sure you know exactly when they will close and re-open; moreover, leave some more days than your usual orders, say about 7-10 days, that because some manufacturers may miss their back-to-business deadlines, since workers often use the long holiday as a good chance to move to new jobs. This means that facilities can be short-staffed when they begin to ramp up operations after the holiday.

3. Working with international logistics experts, and get your shipping schedule

The Chinese New Year not only impacts factory production, but also has far-reaching implications on the border clearance process, transportation and shipping schedules. Again, it is critical to PLACE ORDER EARLY to ensure clearance. At the same time, companies should be working with international logistics experts who understand the border requirements and can expedite delivery.


18th, Jan. 2017STOP DELIVERY
20th, Jan-3th,Feb. 2017FACTORY CLOSE
22th, Jan-3th, Feb. 2017OFFICE CLOSE
*Any goods need to be delivered before holiday, please confirm with our team asap.