3 Steps to check Freelander 2 turbo actuator problems

Electronic actuator failure is a fairly common problem on the Freelander 2 turbocharger. The following fault codes are usually diagnosed:

  • P0237 – Turbo boost sensor

  • P0238 – Turbo boost sensor “A” circuit high input

  • P0046 – Turbocharger boost control solenoid circuit range/performance

  • P0047 – Turbocharger boost control solenoid circuit

  • P0048 – turbocharger boost control solenoid circuit high

  • P2263 – Turbocharger activation fault

  • P2562 – Turbocharger boost control position sensor circuit

Freelander 2 turbo actuator sits on the same circuit as the other electronic sensors, So it is necessary as well to make sure that the other sensors are working properly, especially the replaced engine sensor part which links to your turbocharger; maybe another sensor instead of turbo actuator is defective.

Freelander 2 turbo actuator linkage

Step 1, Check the turbo actuator linkage

Keep the engine turned off, Open bonnet to check if you can see or feel the actuator linkage(as picture shows), Check for whether the linkage falls off, check for free movement at each end of the linkage, there should be a small amount of play. Also check for corrosion, Corroded ones can cause the turbo actuator to stiffen and not operate the turbo.

Check turbo actuator linkage

Step 2, Check the electrical wiring and connector

There is an electrical wiring going to your Freelander 2 turbo actuator, check to see that wiring whether damaged or not. And check the connector whether it is in good shape or in firm connection.

Freelander 2 turbo actuator connector

Look at the locking tab on the connector to check if it is damaged; Remove connecting wires to check for water or staining under the connector seal. Don’t pull the cable directly to avoid damage.

Step 3, Check the movement

Start engine to see whether your turbo electronic actuator rod can move freely, and to detect actuator noise. We can determine that the actuator is damaged if there is no movement of any.

The actuator linkage would move quickly to the original position if a good condition turbocharger actuator once your Freelander 2 turned off.

Freelander 2 turbo actuator

If you’re pretty sure you have a bad actuator by following these 3 steps, A replacement brand turbo actuator is the most cost effective option for you. As the Land Rover dealer won’t supply the actuator separately, They only sell a full set of turbocharger and the quotation is in excess of $3,000 at least.

There are two types of turbos work with Freelander 2, Please see the difference and be careful of purchasing a correct turbo actuator.

TD04V Turbo Actuator
GT17V Turbo Actuator