Customized Turbocharger

PHESSIO Customized Turbocharger

Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, it requires innovative products to maintain the leader market position and grasp more market potential. The customized turbocharger solutions being a trend to meet specific customer requirements, PHESSIO is great proud to being one of turbocharger manufacturers which can offer these customization services.

Whether you want to optimize an existing turbocharger, or hope to need a completely customized turbocharger, we can offer one stop service from sample design to bulk orders.

Customized Design Flow

Basic Drawing

The drawing offered by our clients or our designer draw it from their new ideas.

CAD Modeling

Create 3D model of each component after confirming.

CAD Optimization

Confirm all models with our clients and do finial optimization.

CAD Assembly

All components to be done simulate assembly combining with real situations.

CAE/CFD Import

CAD assembly files need to be imported to our CAE / CFD software workbench.

CAE Setup

Import, heal, solidify and define assembly components.

Technical Analysis

Our senior engineer will do complete technical analysis and determine the finial parameter.

Finial Drawings

Create finial drawings with tolerances and dimensions.

Manufacture Components

After confirming the finial drawings with our clients, We will start to product each component.

Assembly & Performance Test

After assembling we will do the finial performance test to make sure the customized turbocharger meet requirements.

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